2017 C-Prize

Welcome to the website of the 2017 C-Prize competition.

In 2017, C-Prize challenged New Zealand innovators and entrepreneurs to turn industries on their head by creating the next generation of wearable technology.

Uri-Go were the 2017 competition winners.

A new C-Prize challenge launched on 23 September 2019. For more information see the Callaghan Innovation website.


C-Prize 2017 drew to a close at a very special Awards Night in Auckland

Uri-Go win Callaghan Innovation’s 2017 C-Prize technology competition.

‘A whirlwind’, a ‘life-changing experience’, and a ‘mental explosion’. We look back at this year’s competition.

Meet the Ten Teams Pushing the Boundaries of Wearable Tech in New Zealand

The 2017 C-Prize journey

Follow the journey of our ten C-Prize 2017 finalist teams as they explore the unknown and pursue excellence on the road from selection to judging.

Liam Malone - NZ's Tech Mindset

New Zealand Paralympic gold medalist and sporting icon Liam Malone on C-Prize 2017: "New Zealand's mindset when it comes to technology is incredible."