C-Prize Wearable Technology Seminar & Meetups

Hear from international wearable technology experts and meet up with others interested in wearable technology at our June seminars and meetups.

Early in June we'll be hosting three seminars and meetups which will provide you with a valuable opportunity to hear from international wearable technology experts, meet up with other individuals, companies and innovators in the wearable technology space, and get answers to any questions you have about C-Prize 2017. 




Monday 12th June, 4-6.30pm
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Tuesday 13th June, 3-5.30pm
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Wednesday 14th June, 8.30-11.15am
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Presenters at this event will include:

Mikko Malmivaara
Mikko has been in the business of wearable technology and between the textile and electronics industries for almost 20 years. His real-world experience of concept to design to supply chain to manufacturing will allow everyone from start-ups to established business the opportunity to take away valuable insights with practical application for wearables.
Read more about Mikko Malmivaara on LinkedIn

Prof. Robert Riener
Robert is a Full Professor for Sensory-Motor Systems at the Department of Health Sciences in Technology in Zurich. His development of the ARMin arm therapy robot has won several prizes. He will share his experiences of the road from research to commercialisation, and talk about where wearables can help in real lives.
Read more about Rober Riener on the ETH Zurich website

Prof. Paul Lukowicz
Paul is Professor of AI at DFKI and Kaiserslautern University where he heads the Embedded Intelligence group. He has a long history of wearable computing and issues related to on-body and worn mobile technologies. With more than a finger on the pulse of the wearables scene you’ll want to hear about the latest developments he’s seen in Europe.
Read more about Paul Luckowicz at the German Research Centre for Artificial Intelligence website.

The wearable technology seminar & meetups is supported by EPIC – Europe’s ICT innovation partnership with Australia, Singapore & New Zealand – www.epicproject.eu