Looking for some wearables inspiration?

 We've got a couple of good stories to share with you.

Ben O'Brien interviewed by WT

Story number one is about C-Prize judge and StretchSense CEO Ben O'Brien. He was recently interviewed by the organisers of WT - The Wearable Technologies Conference 2017 being held in San Francisco on July 25-26. In the interview Ben discuses his company's growth and favourite trends in wearables.

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Wearable device use has increased dramatically in New Zealand

Also in the news, Nielsen Consumer and Media Insights reported earlier this month that the number of wearable device owners has risen exponentially in New Zealand over the last 12 months - with numbers almost doubling. Their report states, "Today, 393,000 Kiwis aged over 15 wear a device on their wrist that can do more than tell the time. A status symbol, motivational fitness piece and functional gadget all in one, these smart devices are attached to their owners 24/7, providing new ways for brands to connect with consumers.

The number of wearable device owners is rising exponentially in New Zealand. Nielsen Consumer and Media Insights (CMI) data shows that in the past 12 months, the number of wearable technology owners has almost doubled (+93%) and now represents 9% of the online population aged over 15. This small but rapidly growing group of early adopters are wealthy, active, focused on their image and style, and are partial to the finer things in life."

Read the whole report at Who's wearing wearables? Number of kiwis owning wearable technology doubles in 12 months.