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Get to know the judges: Nick Astwick

Seven leading experts have joined the judging panel for C-Prize 2017. We’ve asked each of them the same five questions, so that you can get to know them better.

The five dos and don’ts of IP

From knowing your worth, to publishing data, IP expert Neville gives us the lowdown on protecting your idea for the next great wearable.

The wonderful world of wearables

Chris Hartshorn is the Chief Technology Officer of Callaghan Innovation, and a judge of this year’s C-Prize. He talked to us about the wonderful world of wearables, the role that Callaghan Innovation is playing in it, and what he sees coming in the near future.

Five minutes with…. Jesse Keith

Jesse has been involved in the C-Prize since its earliest days. We sat down with him to chat about the contest, and what it could mean for the winners