Taking Opportunities

New Zealand swimming and surf lifesaving representative Laura Quilter describes what the C-Prize means to her.

Photo courtesy of Laura Quilter

Laura Quilter recently blogged about what the C-Prize means to her as an aquatics based athlete with an 'English brain'.

Of course she mentions that she has a great interest in how wearable technology can help elite athletes. 'Being able to use wearable tech to help me further entrench myself in my sport is an incredibly exciting prospect."

But she is also fascinated in the oppotunites of all three competition tracks. She describes them as '...Create a revolutionary piece of wearable tech that helps bring Kiwi’s home safe from work, ensures our bodies and minds are healthy and find the next edge to help push our sportspeople to the top of international competition.'

Being involved with the C-Prize launch has also opened up some opportunites for her - including fulfilling a childhood dream of swimming in Dunedin's flume (see video below).

You can read Laura's full blog online at Laura Quilter: LandLines NZ