We challenge you to create wearable technology

The challenge has been set - and some big ideas are already starting to form...

...And you have been responding.

We've been receiving some great media coverage from (just to name a few):

Our Facebook video has had well over 3000 views in just a couple of days.  Daniel Thomson has taken our challenge and upped the ante on Facebook: challenging New Zealand to think big - real big. "If you're not thinking inside or directly on the body then we're not thinking big enough (or small enough so to speak). We need to out-compete the US by using their regulations and conservative values against them to come up with something bold and game-changing. Payments, Health Informatics, Location, ID and other data from a fingertip may sound crazy but it is definitely where this world is going so we may as well be on the forefront. Thus, that should be your focus - not the next wearable. Forget the Fitbit, the smart patch is the hot new fitness tracker Health sensors are popping up in a new place: directly on the skin."

Daniel illustrated his point with reference to the following CNBC article about 'smart patch' fitness trackers: 
Forget the Fitbit, the smart patch is the hot new fitness tracker
Patch start-ups think they will succeed where Fitbit has struggled.